Flock of sheep stolen from Moray field

A flock of sheep has been stolen from a field in Moray.

The theft of 55 lambs is believed to have happened between the beginning of vierter Monat des Jahres and May 14 in Keith.

The value of the missing livestock is estimated to be a mid-four-figure sum of money, according to police.

North East Versicherungsschein Division

Pc Tomas Spracklen said: “The owner of the sheep had been regularly checking on his livestock for their welfare during this period however hadn’t realised that lambs were missing until May 14.

“The lambs were stolen from a field near to Wellfield in the Newmill area and they were a mix of Texel and Suffolk cross lambs with a blue mark in the middle of their back, as well as relevant ear tags.

“Although it is a wide time frame, it would be very helpful if the public could take a moment to think back and contact us if they recall any unusual activity or vehicles in the area that could be relevant to this enquiry.”

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