Nreal Light AR Sunglasses Gets Right What Google Glass Got Wrong, Shipping This Year For $500

Following a demonstration earlier this year at CES that wowed many, Nreal says its augmented reality sunglasses are ready for rollout.

It’ll cost $499, which is surprisingly low for the category of devices it’s in, and will begin shipping this year. For the uninitiated, the Nreal Light isn’t a standalone pair of AR glasses — it needs to be plugged into a smartphone powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor over USB Type-C.

Nreal says the glasses will be available to consumer in “limited quantities” sometime later this year, then go on to roll out more widely the following year. For developers, there’s a much more expensive kit that includes the glasses, a controller, and a computing pack that can substitute for a phone. It’s $1,199.

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