Party Idea: Urban Air Trampoline Park in Overland Park

Written by: Jenny

Seriously... where did the school year go? It's already Spring Break! I can't believe I'm putting events on my calendar like Kindergarten Graduation (note to self: stock up on tissues). Whoa. It sure goes fast. 

I think the end of the school year calls for a celebration... for ALL. The kiddos work so hard all year and moms/dads... we do too! Helping with homework, transporting to after school sports and activities -- the school year is a busy time for everyone. 

The cool thing about celebrating at Urban Air is that a trampoline park is fun for adults AND kids! My family and I love going to Urban Air on the weekends and we've been to several birthday parties there. In fact, we're headed to Urban Air this Saturday for another one! My kids squeal with excitement when those invitations roll in. So much to love about Urban Air from a kid perspective. As a mom? Yep, I enjoy playing with them... but I also love how it wears 'em out!

Trampoline dodge ball! Woot!

My kids, Julianne and Miles, are obsessed with this part of Urban Air. They could climb all day!

Warrior course, anyone?! So fun to challenge yourself

Yep. My family and I are huge fans of Urban Air. Check 'em out for your end-of-school celebration or next birthday party. They do all of the work. You seriously just show up. Who doesn't love that?!




Mom Encouragement: It's the Little Things (When We Realize We're Not Screwing Them Up)

Written by: Brooke

Being a mom is so hard. You never know if you're doing the right thing or if you're messing your kids up. Right?! I go to bed with mom guilt and sometimes beat myself up for the silliest things. When I get reassurance as a mom, I cherish it like nothing else. 

My little girl, Ellianna, is five-years-old. She is wise beyond her years, loves hard, is very strong minded (hmm, no idea where she gets that) and spunky. The other day, our nanny sent me a text that had me in tears.

"I forgot to share with you yesterday and thought you would like to know... so I had a cold and Ellie saw me blowing my nose all day. She looked at me and said, 'Payton I just want you to feel better so I'm going to say a prayer for you!' We both closed our eyes and she just started praying! Totally melted my heart and seriously made me tear up! She has a heart of gold, a courageous, confident personality and is so wise. I typed up the prayer right after she said it because it was so funny and cute."

Ellie's prayer: 

It melted me. Moms -- we have to give ourselves grace and realize we are doing the very best we can. Even when we feel like we are failing... we aren't. Hugs to all!!! XO

sheHOME: Home Renovations Part I with Noble Designs

Written by: Brooke 

We are so excited to have launched sheHOME this week on Fox 4! We are wanting to create a one-stop resource for you to come to and be inspired. We have partnered with some of Kansas City's best home decor stores, designers and more. Sara Noble with Noble Designs is our sheHOME expert. She is an interior designer that loves classic style with a modern twist. We stopped by one of her latest projects. It's a beautiful home in Fairway, Kansas that the Rose family is remodeling and making it their own. They have hired Noble Designs to help with the design process. The Rose's have traditional style with a rock-n-roll feel. We are so excited to go through this process with them and want to take you along for the ride. 


Here's a video Sara and I did last week at the home to show the beginning stages. Every day this home will be changing. We will keep you updated as the renovations develop. Welcome to sheRENOVATIONS Part I!