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Real Life: Mommy Guilt

Written by: Claudia Medina, Kansas City Mommy

Nobody knows about 'Mommy Guilt', until it happens. And it can strike at any time. Maybe while nursing your newborn, or pumping at work. Maybe it happens when your oldest child asks for a hug while you're soothing your littlest one after a fall. It can happen while you're paying bills, trying to figure out how to manage on what's left over on one income, now that you're a stay-at-home mom. Does it happen on your way to work? You know, while you're enjoying your coffee in a quiet, scream-free car listening to the music YOU want to listen to for once instead of the Frozen soundtrack?

All moms have been there. It can range from mild little thoughts that pop into your head, to a really unsettling feeling when your Tupperware falls around you as you open the cupboard door to grab a sippy cup. It can be a sudden burst of tears while looking at a very unorganized closet -- because who has the time for that?!

You. You should have time for all of that and you should have time to cross all the items off of your to-do list. Laundry, mail, dinner, bath time. And somewhere in the middle of that -- time to do a little something to make yourself presentable.

Thing is? Nobody has the time or energy to do all of those things to perfection without skipping a beat.

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, or a mom who works outside the home -- there simply isn't enough time to do it all sometimes. And you know what? That's OK.

It's so easy to get caught up in the daily routine. What is important is that the kiddos we tuck in at night are happy and their little hearts are full, knowing how much we love them. It's hard to truly fulfill those needs of utmost importance our kids have if we keep getting down on ourselves. Kids are more resilient (and simple) than we give them credit for. 

Feel guilty for staying at home with your baby and leaving the economic burden on your significant other? Don't. Time will fly and before you know it, your budget will have more wiggle room.

Feel guilty for going back to work? Don't. You are doing what you have to do in order to keep providing for your family.

Or, maybe you WANTED to go back to work. That's OK too. A mommy who feels personally fulfilled is a happy one. A happy mom can take better care of the minis at home.

Feel guilty because your oldest asks for something and you are too busy with the littler one's needs? Don't. Like I said, kids are resilient. Just like parents adjust to having more than one kid, kids adjust to having a sibling. Finish soothing the little one, then have a hug party with both of them. End it with tickles, laughter and kisses. 

Remind yourself daily how good of a job you're doing as a mom. It's a hard job. It's a thankless job sometimes. We are all doing the best we can!

Claudia Medina is a mommy-of-two who made her way to Kansas City from El Paso, Texas, after her hubby, Jaime, separated from the U.S. Army. She's an avid 'sock-pairer' and has been a member of the 'No Crumbs in the Tub of Butter Society' for quite some time. She enjoys daydreaming about 'me time' and isn't entirely sure it exists. Claudia's favorite thing in the world is being a mom to her littles (five and two) and attributes being able to pretend she has her act together to coffee. And wine.

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