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Shopping: Evie and Georgie Boutique

Written by: Jenny

I. Love. To. Shop. But here's the thing. My time is limited these days as a working mom with a husband who travels a lot for his job and two little kiddos. So, when I do get those rare, treasured couple of hours to myself, I like shopping at boutiques. Small. Quaint. Cozy.

One of my very favorite spots is Evie and Georgie Boutique, located in Mommyshop and Trendz.

My biggest fashion MUST these days is comfort. If it's not comfy? I'm never going to reach for it in my closet. Anything itchy, crunchy or uncomfortably tight is just not happenin'.

So, that's one main reason that I'm obsessed with Evie and Georgie. Super trendy, stylish pieces that are functional and soft!

Example. This hoodie that I wore over the weekend to a work event. It was a chilly morning, but I was nice and toasty!

See that cute camo tee sticking out at the bottom? It's Z Supply and Evie and Georgie carries LOTS of it. THE best fitting, softest fabric -- you need. Trust me.

Occasionally, my hubby and I are lucky enough to have a date night! So, when I'm not wearing sweatshirts, cute KC TEE's and hats... I love that Evie and Georgie has some really (comfy) 'cold shoulder' tops, cute jeans, accessories and shoes!

Need to pick up a quick gift for a girlfriend? The holidays are coming... lots of GREAT ideas at Evie and Georgie. Stop in today, you'll love it.

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