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Time for Coats! Get Your Kiddos Ready for Winter with Duds Because

Written by: Brooke

Winter is coming, KC and it's gonna get COLD! Personally, I prefer the warmer temps. But, I do love the beauty of the changing seasons!

Are you and your kiddos prepared for the colder weather? Stocked up on winter gear? Well, if not, Duds Because has you covered (literally)! They have SO many adorable gently used jackets and coats -- name brands like Baby Gap, Burberry, and Little Marc Jacobs. Such cute stuff for a fraction of the price. Here are links to girls and boys outerwear!

Instead of just getting one coat and having to wash it all winter long, why not get two for the price of a brand new one?! Duds Because sells all of their items at a major discount. You can also send in your kiddo's coats from last year and receive Duds Dollars or cash! 

Have stuff to donate?! Here's what Duds Because is looking for: 

  • Last year's Holiday outfits: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (no costumes, please)
  • Non-walker shoes

Request a Garment Bag now! 


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