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Business: An Invention by a KC Stay-At-Home Mom

Written by: Tamra Johnson

I'm a wife and stay-at-home mom to five daughters. In February 2013, we went on a family vacation and came home with E. coli bacteria.

My second oldest daughter (9) was hospitalized for six weeks and came home on daily dialysis, as the bacteria had completely destroyed her kidneys.

Eleven months later, her father donated one of his kidneys to her.

I created a product to help make her life a little easier.

She has to drink three liters daily to keep her kidney healthy. So, in September 2015, I officially launched my company 'HOLSTRit'. The HOLSTR is a hands-free drink bottle holder that can be worn as a cross-body or waist strap. It comes with a carabiner to hold keys or sanitizer. There's a larger pocket in the back to hold most phones and it is headphone accessible. The smaller pocket can hold cash, credit cards or driver's license.

Our goal is to make convenient, hands-free products that are also fashionable to help simplify -- with an emphasis on hydration.

In June 2016, HOLSTRit officially partnered with the National Kidney Foundation so that for each HOLSTR sold, we donate $1 to the NKF. We have also partnered with Charlie Hustle so that we're able to use the 'Heart KC' logo on our products, which we just launched in July.

Note from Jenny and Brooke:

We received this letter from Tamra and just knew we had to feature it here on sheKC. We think what she's doing is wonderful. We encourage you to check out her site and purchase one of these cool HOLSTR's! Best of luck to you, Tamra! We're rooting for you.


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