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sheTEEN: Tips for Curly Hair + Product Suggestions

 With my siblings at Homecoming this year! I'm wearing the white dress!

With my siblings at Homecoming this year! I'm wearing the white dress!

Written by: sheTEEN, Chloe

So, I wrote about my curly hair on a previous blog. I don't love it. But, I've learned to live with it -- not easy! So, I thought I would share some tips/products that have worked for me. Maybe they'll help you if you have the same issue!

I find if I shower in the morning and let my hair air dry, it's better. No hair craziness and frizz to deal with!

If I won't have time to shower in the morning, I shower at night -- at the last possible second -- and sleep on it wet. I sometimes put a towel on top of my pillowcase to absorb the water.

After my shower, I scrunch my hair with a curl mousse or gel. There are lots to choose from at any beauty supply or drug store. I use Marc Anthony Strictly Curls. I get it at Ulta. However, I've also seen it at Target.

I use shampoo and conditioner specifically made for curly hair.

I don't brush my hair until after it dries to prevent puff and frizz!

If I don't want to leave it wet, I blow dry it using a diffuser attachment and scrunch the curls as I dry.

To touch up my curls, I use a curling iron, wand or beach waver.

Good luck! I understand what you're going through!

Here are some of my favorite products:

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Enhancing Styling Foam

Marc Anthony Professional Strictly Curls Stretch

Marc Anthony Strictly Curly Shampoo and Conditioner

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Leave-In Detangling Conditioner





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