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Local: Behind the Scenes with KMBC's Erin Little

Written by: Jenny with Erin Little

We wake up to her smiling face on KMBC every morning as she informs us of the weather ahead for the day. I love that she breaks it down so I know how to dress my kiddos as they head out the door to school, what to expect outside at recess, and whether or not we can hit up a local park after I pick them up! She's a mom, so she gets it. She keeps it real and gives us the information we need to go about our day.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Erin on a personal basis, and I gotta tell ya -- she's as sweet, kind and easy to talk to as I imagined. 

I thought it might be fun to do a little 'Q + A' so you can get to know her too and find out what life is like for this mama of three girls and local TV personality:

Where did you grow up?

Lee's Summit, Missouri!

Was weather something you were always interested in? How did you choose this profession?

ALWAYS! I was truly ALWAYS fascinated with the weather! I realized in college that I could turn my passion into a career. Never EVER thought I would be on TV! But, I walked into my first TV station (KMBC's studio, by the way!) while in college and never looked back. It's been full circle for me to not only work on TV, but at the place that inspired me to work as a broadcast meteorologist.

What time do you wake up in the morning? What is a typical day like for you?

Well... I wake up and go to bed about the same time! ;)

My day starts at 1:00 AM. Yes. 1:00 AM. I get to the studio at 2:00 AM. By 10:00 AM my 'real day' starts at home -- juggling the kids during the day. Dinner at home at 5:00 PM. By 5:05 PM it's off to soccer practices, bath, bedtime, last goodnight kisses to the older kids at 8 PM. Oh... and then the baby gets love whenever she wants after that until... 1:00 AM returns. 

I've gotta get the scoop. How in the world do you pull it all together as a working mom of three adorable little girls?!

I have the BEST family support!!! I am so thankful for my parents, brother, sister and in-laws. It really does take a village. I could not do it without their help.

Do you feel it was more challenging going from zero kids to one... one to two... or two to three?

More challenging to go from one to two. My oldest girls are 17 months apart, so having two under two was a bit (LOL) chaotic at times!

What's your biggest 'mom challenge'?

Finding time for everyone. Family time, one-on-one time with each of my girls, and also knowing it's important for my sanity to have a few moments to myself (even if it's just running through Target SOLO!)

As a radio personality, I know I have had bad days where I've either not felt well or had something going on in my personal life... hard to be perky and upbeat on the air. But, that's my job. Gotta push through. Surely, you've had days like that? How does that work as a TV personality where people can SEE you... I can hide a little more in the studio! Talk about that.

Of course! We ALL have our days. My job is to help you start your day with a SMILE, even if it is one of those days. Just like everyone else, some days are better than others. I am lucky though, I have an incredible 'work family'. We all work insane hours and have challenges outside of work, so we lift each other up. And Jenny, you can probably relate -- music helps turn my day around! I turn the music on in the weather center each morning to start my day. If you're hearing upbeat music in the studio at KMBC... it's ALWAYS coming from me!

What is the best part about your job?

Connecting our community. Whether it's with a Royals forecast for the World Series, or helping you prepare for soccer games with your kids on a Saturday morning, we are all family in KC. I truly enjoy my part in connecting us together through the weather.

What is the most challenging part about your job?

Balancing crazy kids and crazy work hours.

Now, let's just have some fun!

Favorite things about KC:

Favorite place to shop: That's EASY. Downtown Lee's Summit.

Favorite place to eat: 3rd Street Social. Downtown Lee's Summit.

Favorite place to take the kiddos: My driveway. Any guess where? Yep. Lee's Summit! I love all of the great KC faves like Union Station, KC Zoo, Loose Park. But, the best moments are simple ones for us at home together riding bikes on the driveway.

Favorite sports teams to watch:

All KC teams! Royals, Chiefs, Sporting KC... and course MIZ!

Favorite things... in general:

Favorite TV show: Scandal

Favorite song: Calvin Harris 'My Way' at the moment! (Side note from Jenny: GREAT choice. Me too!)

Favorite book: Goodnight Moon'... bedtime stories count, right?!

Favorite way to relax: Saturday morning snuggles in bed with my kids.






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