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Experience: Give the Gift of Travel


Written by: Brooke with Denise Fast

Preparation for the holidays can be time consuming and stressful. Who doesn’t dread finding a parking space at the mall or worrying that favorite toy will be out of stock and/or a short-lived favorite? We spoke with Magic Mouse Travel/Off to Anyland Travel to figure out why booking a vacation for you and your loved one(s) can be the best gift of all:

1.      Memories are invaluable: Material gifts break and wear out but the gift of travel creates memories that last a lifetime. You will remember forever those special vacations, but will forget the fun gadget you received last year as a present under the tree. Start a tradition this holiday season of having your greatest gift be a wonderful adventure for you and your loved ones the following year.

2.      Traveling brings people closer together: Spending time together going to places you’ve never been or to old favorites creates lasting memories. We all are going many different directions during our everyday lives, but travel forces us to drop those obligations and spend good, solid time together without all of the distractions. 

3.      Anticipation brings motivation: Looking forward to an upcoming vacation helps curb the after-holiday blues and helps everyone want to work hard at school or work so that they can look forward to and enjoy a relaxing and fun trip with the people they care about.

4.      Traveling is a reward for hard work and reaching milestones: We all are guilty of working too hard and not giving our bodies and minds a break from the hectic lifestyles we live. What a better way to reward your loved ones and yourself for working hard at all you do than to take a nice vacation and get away from it all! Or, plan a trip as a reward for reaching a milestone such as graduating from high school or college or for celebrating an anniversary or birthday. Life should be celebrated and there is no better way to do it than to spend it with the special people in your life traveling together!

5.      There’s an amazing world out there! Traveling allows us to see parts of this planet that we wouldn’t otherwise see. There are so many beautiful places to see and explore! The opportunities are endless. 

So, give the gift of travel this holiday as it’s truly the best gift you can give. Magic Mouse Travel is a fee-free agency whose passion is to help plan and facilitate travel all over the world. They will take the worry and stress out of Holiday Shopping. They look forward to assisting you! Click here to get started!

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