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she3: A new social media video trend, the benefit of job stress + a KC vacation.

Written by: Jenny

1. Like to keep up on social media video trends? Well, then you need to get a hoodie, put a foam mannequin head in the hood, hide your head by ducking into the shirt and dance. HA! Yep, that's really the new 'thing'.

2. Does your job stress you out? Well, that could actually be a GOOD thing. Check this out!

3. Yay, KC! Kansas City made the list of 'Best Cities to Visit this Winter' -- based on things like cost of flights, hotels and the number of activities. Here's the entire list of best cold and warm destinations.

she3: Housework makes you live longer, going to work sick + a good book.

she3: Nothing to wear in a closet full of clothes, dog dreams + Christmas tree stylists.