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Experience: A Day at Science City

Written by: Jenny

I had a touch of mom guilt over the weekend. My son was invited to a birthday party at Science City at Union Station! I had never been. However, both of my kids had been with various summertime sitters. So, they knew their way around. Meanwhile, I was awe struck by how MUCH there was to do! Mom guilt -- because I had never taken them myself. Mom justification -- because honestly? I had NO idea what it was all about and how incredibly cool it is!

First off, the birthday party was super cool. If you're looking for a spot for your kiddo's next bash, I recommend. A Science City member read a book about dinosaurs to the group, followed by hands-on stations of various fossil making, inspecting, crafting activities. 

After that, we headed to the 'Dino Lab' to view more fossils, skeletons and learn more about dinosaurs. (I don't think I cared much about this topic when I was in school, but dang it as an adult? I was totally fascinated! Maybe I'll have my own birthday party at Science City. Ha!)

Back to the 'party room' for cake and festivities. Then, the day to explore Science City at our leisure.

We had a fantastic day!

So. Much. To. Do. Plan for several hours! There is stuff to see, stuff to climb. My kids loved the giant tree-house, digging for dinosaur bones and the 'echo cave'.

In case you've never been either (or maybe I'm the only mom in the city who has never experienced Science City), GO. Especially this winter when it's cold and there are long days to fill (i.e. wear the kids out).

Oh! And, I found out you can get a membership where you can go to Science City as much as you want throughout the year, plus tons of other perks including 'reservations' to see Santa and ride the train. I'd ask them for the details on that... but that's what I heard while I was there!






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