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she3: Housework makes you live longer, going to work sick + a good book.

Written by: Jenny

1. A new study found that doing housework can add three more years to your life... but only if you're a woman! Read all about it.

2. Story of my life. Going into work sick. 85% of us do it because we don't want to fall behind, which is just kind of sad. If you're sick - stay in bed and get well! I need to follow that advice. Interesting read.

3. I am reading the best book. It came out years ago, but I just discovered it. I LOVE memoirs and autobiographies. I'll read about anyone. But, as a DJ and music lover, I really can't put this one down! All about Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He goes through his entire (fascinating) life, his drug addiction (how is he still alive) and the history of a bunch of the songs (Under the Bridge) and more. It can't put it down. So, if you need a good book -- highly recommend 'Scar Tissue'!



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