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Food Allergies: Something You May Have Never Thought to Check

Written by: Brooke with Angela Twogoods, KC Mom

Hey there. It's Brooke. I have written about my son's life threatening food allergies before here on sheKC. It is one of the most challenging things I've had to deal with as a mom and also one of the scariest.

I'm afraid to leave him in the care of other people for fear they won't realize that something they give him or something he gets into could set off a reaction. Eating out is hard because I'm always concerned (even after telling a server) that cross-contamination could cause him to react. Eating at HOME is even difficult because he has so many allergies, it's hard to find things for him to eat at all!

I know so many of you can relate. Food allergies are all too common these days.

KC mom Angela Twogoods reached out to sheKC to share a frightening story that happened to her daughter recently. We wanted to blog about it to spread the word. I've gotta be honest, I try to think of EVERYTHING when it comes to being careful with my son... I never gave this a thought. So, I'm personally grateful for this new information. It could save my baby's life.

Read on...


This is the precious face of my daughter, Ava. I am sharing our story to create awareness. She has a life threatening allergy to peanuts and tree nuts.

Recently, we had a brief visit with some very dear friends of ours. During our time in their home, the girls played in her room and the mamas chatted in the kitchen.

After our visit, we got in the car and Ava shared with me that her eyes were itchy and felt irritation in her throat -- so much that she felt there was something in it... blocking air.

I have a child with life threatening allergies. Even the tiniest cough, rash or spot on the cheek can send me into panic mode.

Knowing that she had already experienced Anaphylaxis at the age of three -- immediate action was required.

I immediately changed clothes, washed off her hands and gave her an Antihistamine.

Once I had a chance to process everything and get her somewhat under control, I called my friend and asked if there were peanuts in the little girl's bedroom. She said no.

We then decided to look at the guinea pig's food. To our SHOCK, the first ingredient was PEANUTS!

Panic mode set in.

We learned the girls had not handled the animal at all. But, there was just enough contamination from the food to set Ava off.

This is LIFE THREATENING stuff and very preventable. That is why I want to create this awareness.

We jumped in the car and headed to the ER. We were treated immediately and monitored closely by the staff at Children's Mercy. We were never left alone in the hospital room until the doctor had seen her and felt she was safe and controlled.

One week later, our baby girl is safe and healthy. She did not ingest any of this food! It was only by cross contamination that she had a reaction.

Please, please check your animal's food to see if it contains nuts if you have someone in your life who is allergic. 

It could safe a life.


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