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she3: Scalp massaging, infertility + weird ways to clear a stuffy nose.

Written by: Jenny

1. Ok, so I have a new favorite thing. Ever. Do you remember years ago when these were at every kiosk in every mall in America?! Well, I never bought one then. But, I sure did buy one the other day. And Oh. My. Goodness. It's the best thing. My kids are even obsessed! We all sit around the living room massaging each other's scalps. #familyfuntime lol!

2. It took over three years and many, many fertility treatments to have my little girl. Same thing for my son. Infertility sucks. There's no other way to say it. One of our friends over at Fit Bottomed Mamas posted this recently and I wanted to share. Know this, my friend. You're not alone. You're stronger than you think. Keep your eye on the prize. My heart is with you.

3. Two tricks for clearing a stuffy nose. Weird. But, they work!


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