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Love and Relationships: Tips + Tricks For Finding Love In A Fast Paced World

Written for by Tara Kroes


Tips & Tricks For Finding Love In A Fast Paced World

You are an awesome single woman. You have (most of) your ducks in a row and a fruitful, fulfilling and fast paced life. You want to find someone who shares your passions and can enjoy them with you. However, you are busy and not sure where to begin looking. If only there was a drive-through for dating; I'd like to order the 6' tall, dark and handsome with a love for the outdoors and a desire to travel, please. Unfortunately, 'McDreamy's' does not exist, but there are still a few tips for finding love while living life on the go.

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Online Dating

An ample way to have access to a large number of potential dates in mere moments. It does, however, require a bit of time invested to weed out the not-so-perfect fits. While swiping through the profiles of your online dating site of choice, make sure to look for photos where the person is doing what their interests states. If they say they enjoy the outdoors, but their entire profile is them in a club or chilling on a couch, chances are they listed 'outdoor adventure' to sound more exciting. Once you find a profile with photos of the person enjoying the great outdoors, begin chatting with them and then agree to meet in person. Suggest a hike, walk or paddle for your date. Doing something physical eliminates a lot of the awkwardness of a first date. You can talk about the beautiful scenery, or the last time you went for a hike instead of staring blankly at each other over your coffee cups. Hiking is also a great way to see if they like being outdoors and exploring, or if they were just trying to pump up their profile. Best to find out on date one, so you can move on to finding your ultimate mate!


There is pretty much a Meetup group for every passion you can imagine. Meetup is a website where you type in your city/town and something you are interested in and a list of different groups that you can join appears. You meet like-minded people who enjoy the same activities as you. My friend met her boyfriend while at a rollerblading Meetup. Dating is not the goal of Meetup; it is to bring people together that enjoy doing the same things, which will reduce the pressure you feel in attending your first one. If you are feeling a bit nervous, ask a friend to join you the first time you go. Try a few different Meetups that you are interested in to encounter lots of different people.

Instagram Your Awesome Self

Social media isn't only changing the consumer world but also the dating world. Take photos of yourself while enjoying your adventures and hashtag it like a pro. Follow and comment on other pictures of people doing similar things or of experiences you would like to try. Once you start a regular conversation with someone take it offline, agree to an adventure together! A man I work with met his wife this way when they discovered they shared a love for breathtaking hikes and gorgeous huskies.

Get Out There and Be Unplugged

Do the things you like to do; hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, golfing, walking and see who else is doing them too. You may see the same person enjoying your favorite trail every Friday. Start up a conversation and you may be able to enjoy the trail together. Just make sure you are unplugged. So many people today run, roller blade and bike while listening to music. Being plugged in makes you less approachable. Try putting the earbuds away, make eye contact and smile at your fellow outdoor adventure lovers. You may be surprised at what happens.

Get Fixed Up

Ask your friends and co-workers if they know anyone who they think would be right for you. It is incredible how people don't realize who they know until they are asked to think about it. Having a mutual friend in common will make you feel a little more relaxed. It is also a great conversation starter for your first date when nerves have a way of blocking your brain waves.

You are unique, extraordinary and special. Finding someone who compliments that is not an easy task. The old saying is true, you will have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your handsome prince, but there is no reason why you can't enjoy the journey. By doing things you love to do, even if you don't meet Mr. Right, you will still enjoy the experience. So... go! Explore! Date! Have adventures! But, always remember to be safe and use No one has time for broken bones or broken hearts.

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