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Halloween: What Your Child's Costume Says About You

Written by: Natalie Fieleke

Some moms are costume moms. Mine was. I could tell her whatever off-the-wall character I wanted to be and she would whip it up on her sewing machine. Little red riding hood. A pink ballerina kitty cat based on a Hallmark sticker I adored. A pirate. A pre-Disney Store and rendition of Princess Jasmine’s aqua pantsuit, adorned with tiny hand-sewn jewels at the trim.

One way she shows love is through sewing, and now my kids will hand a torn toy or item of clothing to me and say “Maybe Nana can fix it.” Because I am not a costume mom. When late September rolls around, I start listing the costumes that we already have at our disposal and begin with wouldn’t you like to wear this?

Ohhh let’s see what we have. A fireman. A doctor. Ironman. Spiderman. A multitude of ballet and jazz dance recital outfits. My less-is-more tactic actually succeeded with my daughter last year, who declared she wanted to be a ballerina pirate. I purchased her an eye patch.

A creative and trendy friend was disappointed that her daughter didn’t want to be something interesting this year. A black cat, it’s what all the first-grade girls decided they wanted to be. Wouldn’t you rather be another cute animal, like a little fawn? For another friend, Halloween is family costume extravaganza. While she is having fun putting together an ensemble of eight characters from Star Wars, I am thinking YES, a black cat is easy. You will be the cutest little black cat in the fuzzy cat ears we already have.

With my daughter easily taken care of, at my four-year-old son’s costume, I hit an impasse. He wanted to be a tree. Then a mouse. Then Mickey Mouse. So our family sat down and scrolled through costumes online, which I now realize did not help my situation. There, at the creative site, I fell upon the DIY NO-SEW TACO COSTUME. They had me at no-sew.

I read through the taco ingredients. Felt of all colors, fusible interfacing, Velcro, hot glue gun. I can use a hot glue gun! And I love costume components that can be re-purposed. The base of the taco was a set of red PJs from

So we decided to embrace the idea of Senor Taco. But even the cutting and hot-gluing of felt has proven challenging to me. I have been to Hobby Lobby countless times. The taco now lies assembled but unglued on my bedroom floor. Every time my fawn-crafting friend asks me how it’s coming I mutter the meat, I forgot the meat. I’m 100 percent sure it will not look like the online inspiration. My son will be a taco. And maybe a vegetarian taco if I can’t make it to the store to buy brown felt.

But it’s okay. I’m not my crafty mom or friends. Let’s be all be moms who do our own thing and encourage each other at that. Let’s be a full-time working mom and buy an amazing costume at the Halloween store. Let’s be the mom who once a year relishes the opportunity to become a costume artist. Let’s be a mom who is mediocre at wielding a hot glue gun. It’s Halloween and we’re all all right.  


Natalie Fieleke is a freelance writer and editor who loves living in Lee’s Summit with her husband and two kids. She appreciates cooking and eating food of all kinds from kale salad to KC barbecue burnt end nachos. Thus she also loves fitness classes.


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