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Organization: A Beautiful + Functional Planner for 2017

Written by: Jenny

I was born this way. Type A. Organization excites me. I thrive on order.

So, naturally, I love a good planner!! I'm really excited to fill up my 2017 Refresh Weekly Planner by J. Lynn Designery. A new year. A fresh start.

Something that makes this planner a little different than any that I have had before -- the 'Goal Planning' pages. I do believe that there's a much better chance of achieving goals if they're written down. And, right there in the planner you look at every day as you organize your life? Great DAILY reminders!

I also love that there is plenty of space to jot down... stuff. I've been frustrated in the past with planners without a lot of extra blank space. Plenty of that with this one.

This would make an awesome holiday gift. Or, just treat yourself. You deserve it.

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