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Five Fall Fashion Trends to Sport this Season

Five Fall Fashion Trends to Sport this Season


1. Chokers

2. Chunky Sweaters

3. Velvet

4. Lots of Layering

5. Floral Patterns


With these five Fall fashion trends in mind, here is a little inspiration with an outfit I put together with items already hanging in my closet. No need to go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe for Fall. Just browse what you have and get creative! Check out my blog for more Fall outfit ideas.


Let's talk about the five trends for Fall!


Chokers, they continuously popped up during the Spring and Summer seasons, so it's no shocker that we are seeing them transition into Fall. With companies providing new quirky designs and bolder statement chokers, it's exciting that we don't have to leave a Summer trend in the dust, but rather bring it into the Fall season. Is anyone else excited?! 


The staple piece for all Fall outfits, chunky sweaters! Of course this is a must, it will always be a Fall fashion trend in my book. Everyone has a sweater hiding in their closet from seasons past, so pull it out and spice it up.


Ahh velvet! Some love it and some can not stand it.  I'm a lover of it -- can't get enough of it.  No matter what color, it's in my closet. If you are totally against velvet, just skip this trend and maybe go for a pop of color on your shoe. If you are totally on board with it, there is a storm of velvet boots and lace up flats on sites like ASOS, Nordstrom and Nasty Gal, take a look!


Layering is a big thing that was seen during this year's NYFW, so can we assume it's going to be the big styling technique this Fall? Absolutely. And, it's so simple to do! Go into your closet, find that Summer dress... the one you love so much and can't bear to wait a whole year to wear again (one preferably with spaghetti straps) and throw it on top of a plain short-sleeved or long-sleeved tee. Want a more layered look? Add a leather jacket or even a sweater. The trend is chic and you are again reusing items you already have in your closet!


The final trend for Fall -- floral patterns. This was also seen at this season's NYFW, and one I was so excited to see. I love floral patterns, always have and always will.  So, with a closet full of floral pieces it's easy to transition them into Fall. If you are like me and can't keep away from the floral pieces in department stores, layer your favorite under a sweater and you are taking your Summer wardrobe right into Fall.



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