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she3: Expiration dates, ways to make your phone battery last longer + a reason to never eat chocolate again.

Written by: Jenny

1. I think this article was written just for me. HA! My hubby rolls his eyes at me because I'm constantly going through the fridge and pantry, tossing out anything and everything that is even remotely expired. I am a freak about expiration dates, convinced I'm going to poison my self and/or my family. Well, after reading this -- I may just lighten up a little bit. Read on!

2. Ways to make your phone/laptop batteries last longer! Check this out.

3. Finally, how about this little fun (gulp.) fact. The average candy bar contains EIGHT insect parts. So, when someone has an allergic reaction to chocolate, they're probably reacting to the cockroach parts. Well then. That's one way to stay on track with the ol' diet, right? Ick!!!



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