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she3: Empty Nest Syndrome, Yoga + an awesome firefighter's way of giving to charity.

Written by: Jenny

1. I think there's something wrong with me because my kids are only three and six and on a daily basis I project to when they go off to college and leave me in the dust... I might die. So, I came across this article about 'Empty Nest Syndrome' and the GOOD news is that it only lasts about three months. So, I'll survive. You will too, if you're in the same boat as me. Or, maybe this is your life right now! Read more here.

2. Yoga doesn't count as exercise. Not my words. Theirs.

3. An amazing firefighter in Texas raised money for charity over the weekend in a very tiring way. Find out what he did here. #sheKCkindnessproject - we love it.


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