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Events by Elle: Making Bride's Dreams a Reality

Written by: Brooke

  The Events by Elle team!

The Events by Elle team!


I sat down with co-owners Michelle and Jonnelle of Events by Elle the other day. Talk about two very down-to-earth, easy to talk to gals with amazing creative vision! We talked about what it takes to be a wedding planner in Kansas City. Not an easy task! But, something they have mastered.

'Planning a wedding is not an easy thing to do and we feel like the bride doesn't get to enjoy 'her' day if she's worried about all of the details!'

So, how relieving would it be if someone else took ALL of the stress out of your important day and let you take it all in and truly enjoy it?! 

What are some perks to having a wedding planner?

'We take all of the stress out of wedding planning. The bride can remain calm and enjoy her engagement.  Events by Elle takes the bride's vision and implements it for her so she can just show up on her big day, take it all in and not have to worry about a thing.  How amazing to be able to walk into the reception and be in awe of how beautiful everything looks and know that every detail was taken care of?!'

'Not only can the bride enjoy her day, but the bride's and groom's families can enjoy the day too without having to be delegated tasks to do that day. They can simply show up and be fully engaged in the special day as well. Having a wedding planner saves so much time. The planner is the one going to all of the venues, finding the best place to hold the wedding/reception per the bride's budget. They narrow it down so you don't have to.'

'For me, those things are the most important things in enjoying your big day! One misconception we want to clear up is that you can't afford a wedding planner. Each bride is different and no wedding is the same, so Events by Elle will tailor a proposal to fit your needs.'

Events by Elle has been in the business for a while now and have the process down to a science. They even host KC Plans, an event by planners for planners. Their belief is 'community over competition'. They were recognized by The Knot's Best of Wedding's, three years in a row and The Knot's 50 Weddings across 50 states award. If you want your special day to run smoothly and want to be fully engaged... contact Events by Elle.




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