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Monsters... be GONE! The Cure to My Son's Bedtime Fears

Written by: Jenny

My daughter, Julianne, slept through the night at six weeks. It was too easy.

So, when my son, Miles, came along two years later, I figured -- pssht. Piece of cake. He'll do it too! I can make it as a zombie for six weeks! No problem-o!!!

Well, the six week mark came and went.

NINE MONTHS, people. He didn't even THINK about sleeping for more than a five hour stretch for NINE long, sleep-deprived months. It was rough.

He finally got it. Yay! And then along came night terrors. 

NOT. Fun. In fact, really disheartening. 

The moral of this little story is that Miles has pretty much always had some sort of sleep issue. And that is why God made him so cute :)

I digress.

My actual point right now is to tell you about something pretty cool that a kind-hearted Facebook friend sent to me after I had posted about his nightmares and bedtime fears.

THIS is what came in the mail!

The cutest most relatable story. Adorable pictures. And a super special 'Monster Defense Brave Spray' that my son is TOTALLY diggin'! He has sprayed our entire house from top to bottom!!! And, bonus, it has a lovely scent!

He has gone to bed without any tears or fears. 

Two thumbs up for this book and spray -- genius idea! And one that has truly changed things for the better at bedtime around here.

Want some for your kiddo? Click here.

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