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she3: #sheKCkindnessproject LOVES this local story, Black Friday shopping + when to book your holiday flights.

Written by: Jenny

1. To this day, I remember something my teacher had us do in 7th grade. We had to write three things we admired about a fellow classmate on a piece of paper (anonymously). I received mine. I smiled the biggest smile. I was in that awkward stage of life when I wasn't secure about... pretty much anything. So, to know that at least one of my peers thought enough of me to write the three things they wrote TRULY made my day. It obviously had an impact, the fact that I remember it 25+ years later! Anyway, a friend sent THIS to me yesterday. And, I just think it is awesome. These kids will never forget it. It's a boost they probably didn't know they needed.

2. So, it was the 'thing' to open up on Thanksgiving... now it's even cooler not to. Check out what some stores are doing this year. I mean, look. I like to shop probably more than the average human being... but it's really OK to take a day to just eat, chill and enjoy each other. The stuff is just... stuff.

3. Traveling for the holidays? Find out here the BEST time to book your flights!


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