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Experience: Meeting Giuliana Rancic

Written by: Jenny

A question I get asked a lot -- who's the coolest celebrity you've ever met? I'm never sure who to name. Tonight, I officially found my answer.

Giuliana Rancic.

Not even gonna lie. I am downright GIDDY right now after getting the opportunity to interview her before her speaking engagement tonight with 'Club W' through North Kansas City Hospital (more on THAT in a minute because it's pretty much my new favorite thing).

She was SO kind. So open. So real.

Like many women, I connected with Giuliana as she and her husband Bill candidly shared their struggle with infertility. A celebrity. Talking about something so raw and personal. Talking about something that not a lot of women talk about at all. Yet, something that touches so many couples. Too many.

I have tried to do the same thing on a local level.

What a story Giuliana has to tell. 'E' News reporter... married the winner of Celebrity Apprentice... reality show... tries to have a baby... infertility... doctor recommended mammogram as part of IVF protocol... diagnosed with breast cancer at 36. 

Tonight, she shared about all of it and how along the way as she received bad news after bad news, she questioned 'why'... and then she got her answer. 


I am such a believer that there are no mistakes in our journey. Everything has a reason. It's finding the purpose and then using your story. We all have 'something'. It's using our struggles for the greater good.

So, back to Club W (my girlfriends and I now affectionately refer to it as 'Club Dub') -- THIS is a club you want to be a part of. I signed up at Only took a few minutes. Now I'm in the loop on all of their awesome classes, programs and events (like the one tonight).

There are a LOT of cool things coming up! An Essential Oils 101 wellness party on January 26th. Moms on the Move Society (M.O.M.S.) - refresh your mind, body and spirit with yoga and meditation, February 28th. Grow in Gratitude Despite Life's Challenges, March 6th. A Barn Wood Sign Craft Party on March 16th.

Cool, fun stuff and a perfect excuse for a girl's night, right?!

North Kansas City Hospital is pretty awesome. I delivered both of my babies there! I know I was hormonal and emotional because, well, it was child birth. But, I just remember feeling SO grateful for such kind-hearted doctors and nurses. A beautiful facility with a really amazing staff. 

Tonight, I met everyone affiliated with Club W from the hospital and can I just tell you -- THE nicest people dedicated to helping us live healthier, happier lives.

Club W. Women. Wisdom. Wellness.

I encourage you to sign up today!

Here's my interview with Giuliana. Couple things. Ignore my roots, I'm getting my hair colored on Saturday. My friend (and sheKC writer/infertility struggler) Kim joined me for the chat. Pardon our geeking out. It was hard to maintain composure while we were both sitting with one of our favorite celebs!







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