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Life: Discipline or Disappointment?

Written by: Brian Matthys, DO, Medical Director, Sunflower Dermatology & Medical Day Spa

Discipline or disappointment. It all leads to these two words. Don't you think? I really want to get up and work out this morning but...the s-n-o-o-z-e alarm and work out. The same may be true for a diet concern or a financial concern or any concern for that matter. If we have discipline, our level of disappointment is reduced. What a beautiful concept! 

Discipline in our life can help us grow our influence, our abilities, our happiness. It is how we tackled our homework. It may be how we wooed our wife or husband. It is surely how we stay successful at our job. It also plays a potential role in how we parent and what we think is important for our kids. I really think our happiness and success is always tied in some ways to these two words. I know for sure that our skin health is tied to this.

The discipline to care for your skin is important if you want better skin for a better life ®.  Whether it is daily sunscreen, evening medicine for acne or even just washing your face twice daily, discipline can decrease disappointment. Once my patients present with a skin concern, they ALL wished they had had more discipline in caring for their skin. They wear sunscreen after the diagnosis of skin cancer. They ask for help for acne after trying all the over-the-counter options. This is certainly human nature. But, I enjoy a challenge. 

Therefore, I challenge myself and all of you to look into areas of your life whether it is your skincare, your time, your health or whatever you want to improve and apply a layer of discipline. I have started being more aware of my breathing. Just being aware is relaxing. I wear sunscreen daily. Just try these two things and you will be on your way to better skin for a better life ®.


Brian Matthys DO

Medical Director

Sunflower Dermatology & Medical Day Spa

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