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Decorating: Thanksgiving on a Budget

Written by: Lauren Hedenkamp

Thanksgiving holds such nostalgic feelings through traditional scents and tastes, and of course family. There can be a lot of pressure surrounding the holiday to prepare a tremendous meal for the celebration with everyone. So don’t let the decor add to your stress or your wallet! 

Decorating a Thanksgiving table on a budget can be effortlessly done during the same trip to the grocery store that you already make for dinner ingredients. Although affordable, the décor on the table can mimic the feeling of abundance and tradition that the meal itself creates. Here are a few easy steps to decorating a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner table on a budget!


1.     Keep It Simple

A Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be overwhelming to feel plentiful. Pick two or three items to focus on for the table. Also, keep the tablescape low so guests and family can focus on giving thanks to each other and sharing in the experience all together, not just the person next to them.

2.     Seeded Eucalyptus

The key item to an affordable tablescape is seeded eucalyptus. Only $3 at Trader Joe’s and it covers the entire space. Cut some pieces off in different lengths and sizes and start laying them around the length of the table in the center. You can’t mess this up! So don’t worry about placement, seeded eucalyptus drapes naturally.

3.     Use Fruit Your Family Already Eats

During the trip to the grocery store for the Thanksgiving meal, pick up some fruit that you know you will eat! Red apples, pears, or Clementine’s make great options. Pick one type of fruit for the entire table. Don’t waste money on a food item that will just sit on the table, pick the fruit that you will eat. Carefully pick a few areas between the seeded eucalyptus to set the fruit. Less is more here!

4.      Candles

Candles add an intimate ambiance with one small flame! Between the pieces of fruit and seeded eucalyptus set a few small scentless candles. Decide if you want them to be all in the middle or place them near pieces of fruit. It’s up to you and what you like!

5.     Mix & Match

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving meal and don’t have matching sets of silverware and plates do not despair, mix and match! Take IKEA 89-cent napkins and place them under your grandmother’s vintage silver ware. If your silverware isn’t a full set, then change each setting to match at every other seat. Mixing and matching with what you already own is an easy way to stay on budget!

Beyond The Table:

Use Your Leftover October Gourds

In front of the house as a welcome to your guests, take all of your leftover October gourds and place them in a saved container from an old flower delivery, or a flee market find lantern! Strategically place them according to their shape to face the front. This will make a lovely entry to your home for your holiday guests.

Don’t let holiday stress get the best of you! Take a little extra time the night before to get creative with your table setting. Combine eucalyptus, fruit, and candles for an effortless affordable design to impress your guests, while staying on budget. 

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