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Wellness: Therapy Threads

Written by: Brooke with Dani, founder of Therapy Threads

Q. What is Therapy Threads?

Therapy Threads is a conscious clothing line committed to creating conversations around mental health and general wellness that ultimately contribute to ending the stigma of mental illness one thread at a time. Currently, our focus is on developing aromatherapy fashion scarves that provide wearers the opportunity to benefit from the combination of the accessories’ comfort and the essential oils used with the scarves. 

Q. Your tagline is “scents of style and purpose.” How does this underscore the benefits of the brand?

I wanted the tagline to clearly communicate the aromatherapy benefits of our products. Scent is our most powerful sense, and it is the most tied to memory. Certain essential oils and their scents are linked to helping address a variety of different emotional, physical and mental health issues. Therefore, our aromatherapy scarves aren’t just about fashion and style, but more importantly the valuable purpose they can serve in helping our customers exercise self-care and improve their well-being.

Q. Are there specific scents that go along with healing a sickness, back pain, etc.?

Absolutely. Currently, we offer the choice of three scents with the purchase of a scarf on our website. Lavender can improve sleep while decreasing stress and anxiety. Orange is known to energize and revitalize the mind and body. Finally, citrus blend is perfect for a mood boost and general stress relief. However, dozens of other essentials oils exist with properties that assist in treating a variety of physical, mental and emotional needs.

Q. Can someone customize your products to his or her needs?

Yes! Therapy Threads scarves feature a hidden, patent-pending pocket in which the user can place a small aromatherapy pad infused with the essential oil of his or her preference. The pads can easily be removed and reused, or replaced at any time and used interchangeably with any scent. Throughout the day or wear, customers continuously benefit from the properties of the chosen oil.

Q. Where can we purchase your scarves?

Our entire current inventory is available online at This includes scarves in solids, prints and patterns in a variety of materials. Additionally, we’re working to partner with local Kansas City retailers who understand the value of these unique products and are a great fit for our typical Therapy Threads customers.

Q. If someone would like to purchase one as a gift, what is your advice?

Currently, one in four people has a mental illness. Yet everyone has mental health, and I encourage you to consider helping those you know and love improve this important aspect of their lives. Because these products are compatible with any essential oil scent from any company and can be customized to the wearer’s needs, they make a fantastic gift option (including for yourself!). Together, we can work to break down the stigma associated with mental health while promoting health and healing in a beautiful way.


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