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Party: Celebrate with sheKC + Arista Hair Solutions!

Written by: Jenny

One of my favorite things about this website is that I get to share about my favorite people, places and things in our awesome city. When I'm passionate about something, I have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to shout it from the rooftops. Radio and the internet will have to suffice because I'm afraid of heights!

Arista Hair Solutions. I've been getting my hair done there for years. And it's funny,  who while I go to one particular stylist at Arista -- I adore all of the girls. They all seem more like sisters than co-workers. They're all gorgeous. And while that could seem intimidating... it's just not. You feel like you're a part of all of it at Arista. Down-to-Earth, kind-hearted, incredibly talented women who get as excited about making you beautiful as you do!

Join sheKC as we celebrate with Arista at their holiday open house event! Bring your girlfriends for a fun night out -- if you're an existing Arista client... are looking for a new salon... or just want to go to a fun party! You'll feel more than welcome, trust me!

See ya on December 7th!



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