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Advice to Your Teenage Self from KC Radio Personalities

Written by: Jenny

I was just reading an article about advice you'd give to your teenage self. I could write a novel on this topic. I know that I thought I knew EVERYTHING then. And, as it turns out? I knew absolutely NOTHING. 

There was that moment when I began living on my own, starting my career... then getting married and having kids... so ok, not 'moment' but MOMENTS that I realized my mother was right about some things. Well, a lot of things. Ok, SHE WAS RIGHT ABOUT ALMOST EVERYTHING!

I have especially gained new perspective now that I am a mom. At six and almost four, my kiddos think they know better. I know that they do not. I'll smile one day when they figure life out a little bit and realize that I'm not totally clueless.

So, what advice would YOU give to your teenage self?

I think the biggest thing I would tell younger Jenny Matthews is to always respect herself... realize her value. And, never allow anyone to bring her down.

I asked a few of my radio friends to chime in. 

Ali Stephens, Q104 - "Don't let others get you down. Believe in yourself because in the end, YOUR dreams are in YOUR hands."


Jillian Gregg, Q104 - "I actually wish I could channel my teenage self to give me advice now. I had way more confidence at 17 than at 37."


TJ McEntire, Q104 - "Don't give a DANG about what other people think! Be yourself. Even if it seems quirky, silly or NOT normal. Let your flag fly!"


Jacqui Lucky, KC 102.1 - "Surround yourself with good friends. Not only as a teenager, but for your whole life."


Natalie Rush, KC 102.1 - "Don't care what other people thing about you. Be different. Be unique. Be YOU."


Shaylee, KC 102.1 - "Be yourself. Ironically, following the crowd doesn't make you fit in. And get involved in as much as you can!"


Jen Johnson, KC 102.1 - "I was so all over the place in high school -- loving country music and sports one minute, obsessed with The Pixies and drama club the next. At the time, I felt like I didn't fit into ANY cliques because I was testing anything and everything out. As an adult, I'm now often told how 'adaptable' I am. So, apparently my teenage experimentation served a purpose!"


Teresa Maxwell, Mix 93.3 - "Be confident. Don't be a wallflower because you will miss out on great experiences during what should be the most carefree time in your life."







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