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she3: New Year's Eve with Justin Bieber, a bald eagle Cheeto + Game of Thrones.

Written by: Jenny

1. Want to ring in the new year with Justin Bieber? It'll cost ya. A LOT. Check this out!

2. Feeling extra patriotic after all of that election coverage? Well, maybe a Cheeto that looks like a bald eagle is calling your name. No? You won't believe this.

3. Love 'Game of Thrones'? It won't return until next summer. But, extremely detailed plot details may have been leaked on Reddit. HBO is really upset about it because most of the plot from the first six seasons was available ahead of time in the books. But, the show is now venturing beyond what the books have covered. So, if you like spoilers... read this. But ONLY if you like spoilers!

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