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she3: Pokemon Go Frappuccino, Eric Church + the best throw on the planet.

Written by: Jenny

1. Starbucks just created a new 'Pokemon Go' Frappuccino... check it out. Too bad my four-year-old son doesn't drink that stuff... big fan of Pokemon! lol

2. Ok, so this album came out last year. I'm a little behind the times FINALLY getting around to listening to the entire thing. But, WOWZA. It is SO good start to finish. Eric Church 'Mr. Misunderstood'... get if you don't have it and give it as a stocking stuffer to someone who loves music. Quality!

3. Finally, my favorite item of all time. I told my husband last night -- I could give up pretty much all material things in our home... but never this. NEVER. It is the softest, coziest, warmest oversized throw and I am literally obsessed with it!! Sold out online for the most part, but you can get it at Sam's Club in the store. A-MAZING.




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