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she3: Is nail polish causing your allergy issues?, getting back on track after a fitness break + an awesome scarf.

Written by: Jenny

1. So, I went to Sunflower Dermatology the other day for Botox (because I'm addicted), and while I was there, I asked Dr. Matthys about my red, dry, irritated eye area. He said, believe it or not, there has been a link to issues similar to mine -- from NAIL POLISH. A reaction/allergy. Isn't that weird??? Of course, I believed him - but I did a little Googling (because that's just what I do) and sure enough... there's a link. Read this. Who knew???

2. Brooke and I were JUST saying the other day -- we gotta get back on the fitness train! Winter makes us lazy and want to do nothing but hibernate on the couch. Here's an article I found about how to get back on track after a fitness break. I'm gonna do my best. Have to!

3. I bought this scarf a few weeks ago. I've already worn it about 50 times. So soft. Just the right size. Highly recommend (and the price is right, too!)


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