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she3: Phone addiction, how to step-up your Elf on the Shelf game + personalized gifts.

Written by: Jenny

1. Americans checked their phones nine billion times a DAY this year... that's 3.3 trillion times, total! The average person looked at their phone about 51 times a day or 19,000 times during the year! Crazy when you put it like that, huh?

2. A few ways to step-up your Elf on the Shelf game, courtesy of our friends, Fit Bottomed Mamas!

3. Still trying to find a unique gift for someone on your list? I have had the BEST luck over the years with this website. They're not paying me to say that, I just really think it's a fun site! They usually offer pretty good discount codes and I can testify that the items are great quality. I think a gift with a 'personal touch' shows a lot of thought!


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