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Diet: How to Stay on Track During the Holidays

Written by: Erin Montgomery

‘Tis the season for holiday cookies, turkey dinners with all of the trimmings and lots and lots of eggnog. If you are trying to stick to a healthy diet, it can be a little difficult this time of the year, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few ways you can stay on track and still enjoy your favorite treats.

Keep a Food Diary

We know what you're thinking - 'You want me to add another list to my ever growing lists?!' You have a list for your holiday shopping and your dinner party guests, so why not include one for your food? It may seem a little much to keep track of what you eat throughout the holidays, but this method will help remind you to stay on track. Setting goals allows you to hold yourself accountable and keeping that food diary is just another way to show your commitment to your healthy diet.

Choose a Smaller Plate

By opting for a smaller plate, you are tricking your brain into thinking that you are eating more than you actual are. When sitting down for dinner grab a side plate instead of the large dinner plate. Typically, when we sit down to eat we fill up the large dinner plate (overindulged) and then feel like we have to finish every bit. This causes us to feel bloated afterwards. So, grab the smaller plate and enjoy your meal!

Stop Focusing On Food

Food definitely plays a big part in the holidays, but if you shift your focus to something else, you will be less likely to think about it. Instead of making a bunch of cookies, turn your focus to making more non-edible items like wreaths, decorations or writing cards. When you are planning your holiday outings, choose things like a visit to a holiday market or a photo with Santa - don’t let all of your activities revolve around food.

The holidays come around only once a year and resisting those homemade cookies or apple pie can be difficult, but with a little willpower -- you can do it! Don't ruin what you have been working on all year around.

Happy Holidays! 

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