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Kiddos: Creative Holiday Crafts

Written by: Erin Montgomery

If your kids are anything like mine, then they LOVE crafts! But, I am not a crafty person - thankfully we have Pinterest. I turn to Pinterest for a lot of things from dinner ideas to holiday themed crafts and for the occasional outfit inspiration. So, I have been scouring Pinterest (so you don’t have to) to find the best crafts you can do with your kids. Here are two of my favorites:


Burlap Reindeer Ornament

Brought to you by The Resourceful Mama

How adorable are these reindeer ornaments made out of burlap? I love this craft because it is super easy for the kids to do and they look awesome on the tree.

Here is what you need to get started:

       Mini burlap triangle

       Googly eyes

       Mini clothespins

       Small red pom poms


       Twine or string

Five simple steps to make this reindeer:

1.     Cut your burlap into small triangles.

2.     Glue two googly eyes onto the burlap and a red pom pom for the nose.

3.     Add two small clothespins for the antlers.

4.     Form a small loop with the twine (or swing) and glue to the back of the reindeer.

5.     Simply hang on your tree and enjoy!


Photo Credit and Craft Instructions from The Resourceful Mama

Santa Handprint

Brought to you by the Right Side Blog

Here is what you need to get started:

       White paper

       Black and red markers

       Black paper for mounting

       Googly eyes

       Small white pom poms or cotton balls



In less than ten steps, you will have a cute little handprint of your child turned into a Santa!

1.     Draw an outline of your child’s hand using the white paper and the black marker.

2.     Cut the handprint out.

3.     Draw Santa’s hat in the thumb area with the red and black markers.

4.     Glue a pom pom or cotton ball onto the thumb (the tip of the hat).

5.     Add pom poms or cotton balls onto all the remaining fingers to make a fuzzy beard.

6.     Glue googly eyes onto the middle of the hand (the face).

7.     Draw a mouth and nose with the red and black markers.

8.     Mount it onto a black backing and hang it up!

Photo Credit and Craft Instructions from The Right Side Blog

Holiday crafting can be fun and easy! When choosing a craft for you and your kiddo, make sure you have all pf the supplies already on hand. It's a great way to spend a little extra time with your little one and those crafts make excellent gifts for the grandparents!



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