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Working Out: New Year, New YOU (for real this time)

Written by: Ashleigh Goddard

Another year has come and gone and if your life is like mine, it has flown by at lightning speed! As quickly as 2016 came in, it is on its way out -- leaving us wondering where the time has gone. For me, this is a crazy exciting time! A clean slate. A blank canvas. A perfect time to decide what we want out of the new year. That's right. It's the perfect time to make a resolution!

As a personal trainer, I am highly aware that many people don’t love the word 'resolution'. Maybe they have made the same resolution each new year and fell short each time. Maybe they think if they never make a resolution they don’t have to worry about falling short. Whatever the reason, the feelings are real and they are personal. But, I have a few SMART ideas when it comes to resolving to get fit in the New Year and I encourage you to try them because with the right mindset you CAN do it and you ARE worth it.

First of all, if the word 'resolution' makes you cringe, try filling in the blank with one of these synonyms instead:

1.  Goal

2.  Commitment

3.  Determination

4.  Decision

5.  Intention

Putting a positive spin on something that has become negative in your life is a great way to gain a new perspective and increase your chances of success!

Secondly, take some time to build a detailed plan using the SMART tips below!

S.  Set goals. Make a physical list of your fitness goals for the new year. Write them down and keep them where you can see them each day. Write them on post-it notes. Write them with dry erase markers on your mirror. Be reminded of them each and every day and do not lose sight of your goals. They’re your treasures! If it’s a weight loss goal, make sure it’s attainable and healthy.   

M.  Measure your success. This can be scary, but it can also be the motivator that drives you to reach your goal. If you have a weight loss goal, I highly recommend weighing once a week to ensure you are losing at a safe and healthy rate. The scale also tells us if we need to try something different to encourage that scale in the right direction.

If it’s inches you desire to lose, have a professional measure you twice a month or do body fat checks monthly to make sure your fitness plan is on point.

A.  Accountability Partner. Find a friend, family member, spouse or co-worker who has similar goals. Make sure it’s someone who will BLOW YOUR PHONE UP every morning until you show up at the gym! Someone who will kick you in the butt and won’t dream of hearing your excuses! Someone you see or talk to each day who is fully on-board with your plan. Sit down with your AP over a cup of coffee and make a detailed plan. Find the times that work for both of you to hit the gym each day. Find the fitness classes you want to go to and sign up for them together. Plan your meals together each weekend for the upcoming week.  

R.  Reward yourself along the way. There has to be a reward system to stay motivated, because sometimes the intrinsic reward of feeling better is not always enough and who doesn’t love cool stuff?! Reward yourself in a way that is highly motivating to you. Maybe a month of not missing a workout earns you a cute new gym bag. Maybe with each five pounds lost you treat yourself to a new workout item (tights, shirt, sports bra, kettle bell, jump rope, set of dumb bells, etc). Whatever you choose, make it fun! Make it something you work hard for and look forward to. If you have bigger goals, set bigger rewards. For example at 25 pounds buy yourself a pretty bag or pair of shoes. At 50 pounds think about a purchasing a membership to an exciting class!

T.  Track, track, track. Journal, log, notebook... these are all good tools for tracking. Pick what works best for you and be consistent. Keep track of what you’re eating. Keep track of your workouts. Be specific! Tracking is so key as it allows us to see precisely what we are taking in and what we’re burning. It also gives professionals such as personal trainers, nutritionists and doctors a window into your life so they can effectively help you. Furthermore, it’s another great accountability tool for you.

Now, GO GET IT!!

Happy New Year!

Ashleigh Goddard, NASM CPT

Owner of Your Fitness Unlocked and FUEL Meal Prep and Delivery

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