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New Year New HAIR: Arista Hair Solutions to the Rescue!

Written by: Jenny and Brooke

Hair. It's so important to us as women. When we're having a bad hair day, it changes our confidence level and everything else. A good hair day can do the exact opposite! We walk a little taller. We smile a little brighter.

Are you ready for a fresh look for 2017? Our friends at Arista can help. They're the best... and we do mean BEST. We're both clients and we love everything about this salon and the stylists who work there!

Brooke's two-cents:

I love how knowledgeable the stylists are at Arista. They care about HEALTHY hair. They're always up-to-date on the latest treatments, trends and products. As a person with super thick, coarse hair -- not everyone knows how to cut and style that!! The gals at Arista DO. I'm currently loving my latest cut!

Jenny's thoughts:

I've gone to a lot of hair salons in my life. A stylist/client relationship is key. With Mandy at Arista, I feel like she knows me, my personality and what looks best on me. She's honest and tells me when something will or won't work with my hair texture, length, etc. I love that about her. I feel like the stylists at Arista WANT you to walk away feeling beautiful. They truly care.

Bottom line, Arista can work magic on your hair! We've experienced it. We've seen it. If you're ready for a new look... call Arista today for an appointment!

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Happy New Year -- Happy New HAIR!

Arista Hair Solutions


5341 W. 151st St.

Overland Park, KS 66224





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