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she3: An awesome adoption story, DJ Earworm's 'United State of Pop' 2016 + a random story about Nickelback.

Written by: Jenny

1. What an amazing story. An 11-year-old got adopted by his elementary school teacher. LOVE this so much.

2. DJ Earworm has unleashed his annual 'United State of Pop' mash-up (2016's hottest hits) and it's awesome as always! He never disappoints. Check it out here.

3. Ok. Nickelback. They had a zillion GREAT songs. I played every one of 'em on Mix 93.3 and liked them! But, somewhere along the line, they became the un-coolest band on the planet. No one admits they have their albums. No one admits to knowing every word to their songs. Look, I saw them in concert and no joke - it was one of the best shows I've ever seen! It's honestly the weirdest thing and kinda sad! Anyway, the band is really mad because police in Canada are trying a new approach to stop people from drunk driving. They're warning people if they get caught, not only will they be arrested, they'll be forced to listen to... yep... Nickelback on their way to jail! Read more here.


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