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she3: The real cure for chapped lips from Sunflower Dermatology, canvases + iPhone 8 rumors.

Written by: Jenny

1. My lips are CRAZY dry right now. Happens every year around this time. I've never been able to find a real cure... until now. I'm addicted to this stuff. I got it at Sunflower Dermatology. HIGHLY recommend!!! It works!!

2. One of the things I get a lot of compliments on when people come over to my house -- the amount of canvases I have displayed on walls and shelves! I LOVE pictures. I think it warms up any space. I love looking at the ones I love while I walk through my home. Well, let's get real. Canvases can be really expensive. I discovered the greatest website a few years ago -- they have CRAZY good deals ALL of the time!!! Like, super cheap canvases. Check 'em out and sign up for their emails. You'll get the scoop on the good deals when they happen (and they happen frequently)! ENJOY! They do a nice job.

3. The title of this Cosmo article says it all -- iPhone 8 rumors!!


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