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Giving: The Gift of Travel

Written by: Kristi Ford

On Christmas morning my children, like yours, will be opening their gifts. This year though, the gifts will be different. Most of the gifts we've wrapped contain clues! Hints of the vacation to come! Each one they open leads them closer to their discovery... a Disney vacation! After much discussion, and my husband's approval, we decided to give the gift of memories rather than objects that quickly lose their luster.

As a mom and a travel agent, I'm going to let you in on a few things that I've discovered along the way:

First, kids love to unwrap presents on Christmas morning, right? So, make it fun! My kids will each be getting items that they can use on our trip. They'll open several clues as they piece together what our destination will be. The packages will be in fun shaped boxes that keep them guessing! You can give your kids useful travel related items. A cool suitcase, books and puzzles for the plane, new shorts and walking shoes.

Anticipation of an upcoming trip is almost as much fun as the trip itself! It's OK if you aren't leaving for the trip right away. Share maps and destination photos. Let them help you make plans and make fun countdowns, like an advent calendar!

Lastly, no matter what the age, the gift of travel is perfect. So many times I hear, 'I'm not going to take my child to Disney until they're old enough to remember it.' My response is always the same. They may not remember, but YOU will never forget! The first time my youngest went to Disney she was nine months old. I will NEVER forget her reaction when she saw Piglet! She was in absolute awe. This sweet moment is etched into my mind forever. I have so many memories from each of our vacations that I will hold onto. Those memories are what led me to become a travel agent.

This year, ask yourself -- would you rather collect moments or objects?

Looking for vacation ideas for your family? Contact us at Magic Mouse Travel/Off to Anyland to help create YOUR next adventure!




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