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she3: Awesome kid labels, never go to bed angry (for real) + Grammy nominations!

Written by: Jenny

1. Someone gave me 'Mabels Labels' as a shower gift when I had my daughter, Julianne. Gotta tell ya - it was one of the best gifts I received! I used them for everything! Clothing. Bottles. Bags. Jackets. When I had my son, Miles, I ordered a bunch with his name! They go through the wash and hold up very well! Wanted to share with you. Would make a fun stocking stuffer idea for any kid, new mom -- or any mom, really!! Click here to check 'em out.

2. Never go to bed angry! No, really... don't do it! You'll never get over it. Click here to see what I'm talkin' about!

3. Grammy nominations were announced yesterday! The show is coming up in February. James Corden is hosting. Click here to see the list! My prediction? Adele wins it all!



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