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Life: Picture (Im)perfect

Written by: Jenny

Ahh, Christmas cards. I love getting them in the mail. I love seeing pictures of my family and friends. It's sweet to see how much kids we know who we don't get to see very often have grown over the past year. It's fun getting updates on everyone. Yes, I love this time of year and I love the cards!

But, I had a good laugh all by myself when I picked up our Tiny Prints box off of the front porch the day ours were delivered.

Let me take you back to the day of our family photo shoot. My amazingly talented, aspiring photographer, 16-year old niece, Katie, was in town staying with us for the weekend. She dressed Julianne (6) and Miles (almost 4) in cute, coordinating outfits and took them out by herself for a little photo shoot first thing in the morning. Kids love older kids. So, they were perfect little models. Totally did what she said. Adorable photos. Boom. Done.

All we needed next was one good family shot for the front of our card. So, later that day my husband, Matthew, and I traded our sweats for regular clothes and headed out to the back yard with Katie and the kids. I should mention that this was exactly 15 minutes before we had to head to the airport so Katie could catch her flight home. This was also near the dinner hour. This was also after a day with no nap for my youngest. But, it's just one shot, right? We've got this. Or, um, maybe not...

Miles was hyped up on fruit snacks, running around like a crazy child. Julianne was throwing a fit because dang it, girlfriend wanted to wear her hot pink headband with a GIANT poofy bow on top with silver glittery hearts for the pic (think Madonna circa 1984) that absolutely in no way matched her outfit or anyone elses. Oscar, our dog, was chasing a tennis ball around the backyard and kept shoving his slimy, goobered up canine mouth on to our pants. And remember, we had exactly 11 minutes at this point to get that shot!

I put my foot down and told my daughter NO to the bow. With that, she decided it would be a good time to throw a full-out loud, real-tears, hyperventilating temper tantrum right there in the back yard. Look, people, I pick my battles. I really do. And, any other time - I basically let her do her thing when it comes to her attire and accessories. But, I NEEDED her to cooperate for 30 freaking seconds and she was NOT havin' it!

A bribe or five later, my husband and I managed to get her to sit down and attempt to smile for the camera. Miles managed to stop wiggling around, stopped saying poop words and showing us how he can cross his eyes long enough to say 'cheese'. And, my friends, I present to you... the Matthews family photo...

I couldn't help but LOL the day the cards came because in the moment on picture day, I was so frustrated. Literally sweating because I was chasing both kids trying to get them to cooperate. But, ya know what? That's us.

Chaos. Imperfection. Tears. Crazy. Unpredictable. Real. Messy.

And ya know what else? I wouldn't trade it for the world.

So, as you get those cards in the mail or scroll your social media feeds and wonder if everyone else has it all figured out and 'together', while you feel like you're barely hangin' on. Know that you're NOT the only one. Life's hard and let's just be thankful for that one 'perfect' shot!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy each other.

Ok, ok. So, the bow BLENDS!!! Editing. Trust me. Editing. That thing was HOT PINK!

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