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Dry Me Pretty

Dry Me Pretty

Written by:  Kim Antisdel

Hey!  Jenny here.  Who says you can't find a new BFF on Facebook based solely on their status updates, comedic style of writing and pics of their adorable baby boy?  That's how I met Kim.  And I love this girl!  She's gonna contribute to sheKC regularly, so you'll soon get to know her and I know you'll love her as much as I do!  When she told me she recently purchased a $200 hair dryer, first, I spit out my green tea.  Next, I needed to know WHY.  Then, I asked her to blog about it.  Let's find out if it was worth the small fortune...

My hair has always been a sore spot for me. I was born with what I affectionately call Double Bonus Bummer Hair. It’s fine, yet thin. So very appealing. Since I was about 14 years old I have been torturing it with every device imaginable.  Crimping, curling, twirling, ratting, teasing, wanding, and blow drying.

Wait, what? Blow drying is torture on your hair? Darn tootin’, it is.

Blow drying is one of the worst offenders to hair because we do it way too much and we don’t generally use a quality dryer. (Come on, admit that you’ve had that retractable cord thingamajig since 2002.) If you stop and think about it, why drop a paycheck on a super fancy hair styling tools if you’re doing loads of damage to your hair before you even get started? That’s like running a marathon in flip flops and then slathering your feet in $200.00 numbing cream afterward. Let’s work smarter, not harder, shall we?

And so, I decided to and buy a new, grown up hair dryer. I’d heard about several, but was intrigued by a dryer created by the people from drybar. (You know, the salon you’ve seen in the glossy magazines.) drybar literally does nothing but blow outs and styling all day, erry day. I figure if you’re blow drying a gazillion heads of hair every year, surely you’re using a great tool.

Off I went to and bought my Buttercup for $195. Yes, pricey, but by far not the most expensive dryer on the market. Ya’all, it came in the cutest packaging ever.

And the dryer itself is yellow which makes me think of sunshine, which makes me happy. So there’s that. I washed my hair per my usual routine and sprayed on some heat protectant. Then I plugged in the dryer and was off to the races. Here’s the results:

This dryer is whisper quiet on the low setting. I can’t remember the last time I was able to blow dry my hair and listen to music at the same time. That in itself is worth its weight in gold. Buttercup also only weighs one pound, one ounce. For the amount of power it’s pumping out (1875 watts), that weight is pretty amazing. Don’t get me wrong, my arm still gets tired when I do a real, true blowout on myself, but that’s just because I’m a wimp and need to do more pushups.

Can you handle the heat?
Buttercup has three heat settings. I mentioned I have fine hair, so super hot was not going to be a good option for me. I used the middle heat option and the lower speed setting. In a pinch, or if I had thick hair, I could use the higher speed and hot hot heat, but for my wispy mane, the less gusty the better.

So Cool
I am obsessed with the cool shot. Not because it’s anything new; every hair dryer these days has one. But the Buttercup features a cool shot button that self-locks until you turn it off! No more holding down the cool shot while you dry. Genius.

Smooth Operator
My hair legit felt like silk when I finished drying. I could. not. stop touching my hair. Plus, I didn’t even need to straighten it afterward because the dryer did its job. It truly reminded me of the feeling I get after I leave my salon. Also, this is going to sound insane but I swear my hair felt thicker.  Who doesn’t want that?

Not So Speedy
A lot of reviews I’ve read have praised Buttercup for being the fastest dryer ever. I myself didn’t experience that, but I don’t have very thick tresses. If my hair was thicker I could report more authoritatively on this. As it is though, Buttercup didn’t get me through my dry time any faster.

Accessory Fail
I’m super disappointed that the Buttercup doesn’t have a diffuser. You can’t even buy one as an additional add-on. That seems ridiculous to me.  Buttercup does come with two different concentrator nozzles, which are nice, but c’mon. Mama needs her diffuser for days when she doesn’t want a full blow out.

Overall Grade: A-
At the end of the day, I’m glad I invested in this dryer. I say investment because I believe using a quality product now will prevent me from having to fix damage later, and that saves me time and money. The website touts Nano beads within the dryer that cause it to work so well, but honestly, I don’t care how it’s getting done. I just know that my hair feels better and my arm hurts less in the morning.

But really, Drybar…no diffuser? Come on. Get on that.


Kim Antisdel is a Kansas City writer, interior designer and sales rep. She's also a total know-it-all. Her favorite place to write is curled up on the sofa with her small zoo of rescue animals. She currently lives in Liberty with her husband, two stepdaughters and son. 

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