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YESI, get the YETI.

YESI, get the YETI.

Written by:  Jenny

Ok, so every summer we go to Watercolor, Florida for a week.  It's pretty much my favorite place on the planet.  Beach. Sand. Peace.

Last summer, we saw family after family carrying these super cute YETI coolers.  At first, not gonna lie, I thought it was a big tote or something.  After about the fifth one, we Googled.  We saw the price tag.  We laughed.  Ha!  Suckers!  Who spends that much on a cooler! 

Now, just to let you know, I'm not one to typically notice a cooler.  In fact, if you had told me a year ago I would be blogging about a cooler, I would have given you a look.  One where I scrunch the area between my eyes.  Which makes me think of Botox.  Which is another blog post entirely.  I have ADD.  Focus, focus, focus.


Right.  The cooler.  It's a functional piece of beach equipment.  One to keep the Gatorade and carrot sticks cold.  We're not big day-drinkers, so our Coleman served its purpose just fine.

For some reason, the YETI kept coming up in conversation long after we left the beach.  My husband continued to Google.  He found them at Dick's.  He obsessed.  He wanted one.  Scratch that, he needed one.  

His awesome employees at work put their funds together and if you think Santa has a twinkle in his eye, Matthew gave him a run for the money.  He was so excited.  Ok, he was freaking out.  He couldn't wait to use the YETI.

Alas, Memorial Day weekend 2016.  His year.  The year of the YETI.  Was this thing gonna live up to the hype?  Well, I can tell you with all honesty (not a soul is paying me to endorse this sucker), YES.  It's freaking awesome!  It keeps stuff cold like ALL DAY.  

But, let's chat about the YETI tumbler that Matthew bought ME for Christmas!  I think he got it for me mostly as a joke.  But, can I just tell you?  This thing ROCKS.  I used it at the pool this weekend and HOURS later, there is still ice up to the top and the drink inside is freezing cold!  I am seriously impressed.

Again, if someone had told me a year ago that I'd be blogging about coolers and tumblers, I would have laughed.  But, for real... should you get the YETI?  You BETI.  (See what I did there?)



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My Five-Year Old Is Obsessed with this App!