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Your Face is My Canvas

Written by Jenny

A few months ago, I participated in a super cool photo shoot (my husband and I got to 're-create' our wedding day -- total blast) with Phillip Flores and Alex Glaviano.  I knew Phillip because he had taken many of our family photos.  I did not know Alex until the day of the shoot.  

She was the make-up artist.  I liked her immediately.  She was really funny, easy to talk to and I could tell that make-up was not just something she did for 'work', it was her passion.  I loved that about her.  What I REALLY loved was what she did to my face that day!  I've had my make-up done in the past for different events, but to be perfectly honest with you, I typically walked away feeling uncomfortable with the look because it was just... too much.

This time was different.  I LOVED the look.  Especially the double layer of fake eyelashes (who knew that was a thing?)  So, you're thinking -- um, maybe that was 'too much'.  Nope.  ha!  I felt like a movie star!  It was fabulous!  I knew from that minute, if I ever needed a make-up artist again, it was gonna be Alex.  Simply put... she ROCKS.  

So, when Brooke and I started this sheKClifestyle adventure, we knew we needed a photographer (no brainer, Phillip was the one) and we knew we needed make-up.  Boom.  Alex.  I asked her to blog about how she got into the biz and her must-haves!  So, here ya go, from the pro herself...



I've been doing make-up for over 11 years and have been trained through multiple lines such as MAC, NARS, Smashbox, Lancôme, and Dior.  I have also had the pleasure of working with many well-known photographers throughout my years of being in the beauty industry.

It all started in 7th grade art class.  Between gel pend and five girls who sat near me and begged for neon eyeliner effects, the rest is history.

Make-up was something that came easy; it was a form of art I couldn't ignore.  My mother was (and still is) my biggest fan.  She inspired me to 'go for my dreams'!  So, I did what any kid would do in college... I dropped out to become an aspiring make-up artist (thanks for not killing me, mom - ha!)

My go-to make-up... MUST-HAVES!

I can't live without 3D In Extreme mascara.  It's a comb vs. a bristled brush, so it grabs and pulls for major volume!  Also, it stays wet longer, so you can REALLY build.  It's a MUST.

Face and Body foundation is like pantyhose for the face.  Sheer, lightweight, sweat and humidity resistant makes this super photo-friendly foundation a keeper!

Cheeky Bronze is the best sun-kissed highlighter for the season.  Can't beat that perfect, peachy, golden glow.

Pure Zen is a no brainer for the perfect sheer peach nude lipstick.

FIX + is an easy YES. The green tea and chamomile calm and soothe the skin as the glycerin helps bind the makeup for great longevity! (Spray before or after makeup)

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    Chasing Your Dream

    Chasing Your Dream

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    YESI, get the YETI.