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she3: Icky Bath Toys, Your Morning Routine + The Cocktail of the Moment.


Written by:  Jenny

The she3 is a daily list of three things we think you should know about.  We'll post a new list of three every day!  So, make it a part of your routine to check out sheKC lifestyle every morning when you jump online. Today's post is brought to you by Orangetheory Fitness in Leawood!


In case you missed THIS...

1.  My kid's bathtubs are... correction, WERE... filled with similar toys.  I promptly gathered and chucked them immediately after seeing this: ABC News

2.  Things you do first thing in the morning can actually ruin your whole day -- I'm guilty of nearly all of them, so it's a wonder I ever have a great day.  See what you think! Huffington Post

3.  I'm a beer girl.  Always have been, always will be.  My girlfriends always drink the most adorable, bright, pretty cocktails.  They know not to even offer me a taste.  Just bring on the Bud Light and a side of limes (see, I get sort of fancy!)  BUT, these look delicious! Get the recipe on Cosmopolitan!

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