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Relying on Google to plan your Disney vacation: Don't try this at home.

Written by:  Jenny

My husband and I met while living in South Florida.  We used to take road trips up to Orlando often -- not that far of a drive, discounted rates at the parks for in-state residents.  We had a lot of fun!  We made a lot of memories.  We got engaged there.  Yes, we love Disney!

We moved to Kansas City in 2004.  We started our family in 2010.  All of the sudden, I realized how trips to Disney were typically a MUCH more planned out event vs. those quick trips we used to 'wing'.  Also, when it was just 'us', we didn't really NEED to meet any specific characters or see any certain attractions.  We were just happy to be there!

Oh, how things change.  You don't take an Elsa obsessed daughter and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates obsessed son to Disney without a plan of action which involves getting to hang with their idols.  Take if from a mom who knows.  Learn from my mistakes.  There are not enough games on the iPhone or Dum Dums in the purse to keep small children patient in an hours-long stand-by line. Don't even try.

It takes planning.  And guess what?  THAT is overwhelming.  Even to someone who's been there done that many times in the past.

I was always under the impression that utilizing the services of a travel agency cost a lot of money.  I assumed the agent got paid a separate fee.  And why would we wanna do that?! We'd rather try to plan everything ourselves and have all of that extra money for souvenirs and fun dinners!  Oh yes, we had this thing figured out.  We thought.

I'll spare you the details, but know that we failed in many ways.  Don't get me wrong, we still had a very enjoyable vacation, but we realized those days of winging it were over.

I decided to have a chat with my neighbor.  I like her a LOT.  I love people who are incredibly passionate about their work -- that's her.  She's a travel agent with Magic Mouse Travel/Off to Anyland Travel.  I was SHOCKED when she told me that there was no fee for using their services.  She was NOT shocked that I assumed that was the case.  It's a big myth that I want to bust.  So, there ya go!

Not only in most cases are planning services free, but the overall price is the same or less than booking online!  Often, they know when sales are going to happen, or the best times to travel to get the best deals!

Magic Mouse Travel is the #1 Authorized Disney Vacation Planning agency in an eight state region.  They've helped more than 5,000 families create magic and memories.  They're knowledgeable agents who have collectively been on more than 600 personal visits to Disney Destinations Worldwide.  I'm sold.  I know EXACTLY who I'm calling for our next Disney adventure.

So, yes, Magic Mouse Travel specializes in Disney and other theme park vacations (Universal, Sea World, etc.)  But, you bet!  Agents can plan vacations via the Off to Anyland part of the agency to worldwide destinations including cruises, Hawaii & Alaska, Europe and the Caribbean.  

Personally, I'm super excited to utilize THAT aspect of their company. Mama needs a getaway with that guy... oh yeah, my husband... I passed him in the hall this morning.  #lifeiscrazybusy

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