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Finding Lingerie for Your Curves!

Hey, hey!  It's Jenny.  We have received SO many messages asking if we are going to include style blogs and items in our sheSHOP for curvy girls.  The answer is YES!  I asked my beautiful inside and out friend, Melissa, to kick things off.  Nobody owns and rocks her curves more than she does!

Written by:  Melissa Blayton

"Ladies, remember, sexy isn’t defined by a size but more the attitude and confidence of a woman when she walks and talks."

Can we get real for a second? If you are a girl with curves, the idea of wearing anything remotely sexy can be intimidating and sometimes down-right scary. Put me in a pair of booty shorts and a cami and call it good right? And God love those guys who try to buy something they want to see you wear. They are just so darn sweet to think that you are the same size as the girl who helped him shop.  What they don’t realize is that when we put on that thong they think is so sexy, he will spend more time trying to find it once it’s on because he bought it three sizes too small, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

It is really just easier to take matters into your own hands and buy what you like and feel good wearing.  So, I have created a few helpful tips for the next time you go shopping for lingerie. My hope is that you'll have a more positive shopping experience.

Most common mistakes made when shopping for lingerie:


Did you know that more than 80% of women wear the wrong bra? Then, factor in a little extra here and a little more there, PLUS the wrong bra and you are asking for all kinds of problems. A good fitting bra not only lifts up your girls and puts them back in place where they should be, it can also eliminate back problems and make you look slimmer. Your bra should never leave indentions on your shoulder. If it is doing that, it is not supporting you correctly and you most likely have neck and shoulder pain. You should always be able to slide two fingers comfortably under your strap. Next, make sure you buy the right cup size. Side boobage is not a good look at all on anyone, regardless of size. One thing I do that I have found is really helpful is I buy a cup size down and a measurement size up. This trick works for anyone so let me explain.  I wear a 42D but sometimes the 42 can create a roll on my back depending on the bra so I will go up one and down one. Up to a 44 and down to a C cup. This is more comfortable and my girls look good. If you are a 32B you can also try a 34A or if you are a 36A try a 34B. I promise this works and will help you find your favorite bra and best fit! 


Use the proper hook on your bra to ensure the best support and best fit. Back fat or rolls is a reality when you are working with a little more to love, but the proper fit should help minimize this issue. Make sure you can fit your whole hand under the back of your bra comfortably. Also, make sure the band is wider and more supportive. Those thin bands will only disappear in the rolls and cause discomfort. Always use that middle hook. The first one will be too loose and the last one too tight. Using the middle with the proper fit should offer the best and most comfortable support. 


It is true what they say. If you wear granny panties or a very unflattering bra, you will most likely be wearing an outfit that does not exude self-confidence. However, put on a sexy fit panty and bra that lifts those girls and you'll feel ready to take on the world. A proper fit super sexy set of lingerie can change your entire attitude for the entire day. So, my tip for you for your everyday life, DON’T just wait to be sexy in the bedroom, do it for yourself every day! Men will tell you that they love confident women and that confidence starts with a solid and sexy base or foundation and that is what is under our clothes. Try it, I promise you will walk and talk differently. 


We work so hard to avoid those dreaded panty-lines and one of the inventions that helps with that is the thong. But, did you know that there are health risks that can come with wearing these barely there pieces of fabric?  Make sure your thong is 100% cotton to avoid infections and other issues. Also, make sure your thong is the right size or you'll just end up enhancing a bad fitting thong vs. no panty-line which is not the ultimate goal at all. There are some beautiful seamless panties out there that I prefe -- they just fit and feel better. 


If you are a girl who wears booty shorts and a cami and have the bright idea that you are going to try a thong, garter belt, and demi cup bra, you can almost guarantee you are going to feel so awkward being sexy, the whole thing will fail miserably.  Be true to your style and you can’t go wrong. Pick out a set of sexy boy cut panties with a sexy bra and rock it with some attitude and I am quite sure he will love the confidence more than the lingerie.  I am personally a huge fan of stretch lace. Nothing feels more comfortable and it always makes me feel sexy. I usually buy these in a size up so I avoid the muffin top. If you want to step out of your box, I urge you to do so, just take baby steps so you always stay true to you. 


I love my skinny friends so much and I love sharing stories, wine, and dinner with them. Mainly because there are always leftovers on their plate that I get to eat.  Or, there's their extra wine because they are watching their weight. But, one place I will N.E.V.E.R. take my skinny friends is lingerie shopping. They still have the thigh gap and my thighs have been stuck together like peanut butter and jelly for 15 years or more. I don’t need their perfectly smooth back in my face while I am adjusting my back rolls. Just don’t do it and enjoy your shopping experience because it is already hard enough when we are so critical of ourselves. 

Shopping as a curvy girl can be frustrating and even stressful, but hopefully these tips make your next shopping trip more enjoyable and successful. Be sure to check out some of my favorite places to shop; Torrid, Fredericks of Hollywood, and Lane Bryant.

Ladies, remember, sexy isn’t defined by a size but more the attitude and confidence of a woman when she walks and talks. I promise when you start loving the skin you’re in, it’s amazing how much more fun these curves become and there is nothing you can’t accomplish!

Love your Queen of Curves in KC,

Melissa Blayton

Melissa is a Kansas City based makeup artist. Her passion started at a very early age. She began her career as a professional h/mua in 2006 with MAC and working with our local NFL cheerleaders.

Melissa works with a variety of clients, but has a passion for real women and teaches makeup all over the world. Her training and her experience has made her a popular go-to expert in creating flawless looks for special events.

Melissa has a huge passion for giving back and lives her life daily with the mentality of "do what you can to impact a life positively each and every day". She grew up in the modeling industry and was a size 7 until she went through some medical issues that causes weight gain. She truly had to learn to love herself and the new skin she lives in. Today, Melissa loves empowering others, rocks her curves and tries to encourage other women to do the same.

Melissa is a very proud mom of two. A son, 25 and a daughter 19. She's also a pet mom to Bentley, an almost one-year old standard poodle and Mr. Pickles, a very chubby cat. And last but not least, the love of her life, her "glambaby", baby P aka Paisley.

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