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The Scary World of Food Allergies

Hey there, it's Brooke.  My little guy Maverick seriously had my heart the first second I held him. He is FULL of personality and such a fun baby.

I remember when we went to the pediatrician and they told me he was ready for baby food. I ran to the store and picked out an assortment for him to try  It's such an exciting time for a mom. I couldn't wait for him to try something other than formula.

We let him eat a couple of foods and he loved it, everything was all good. One day we tried peas, I mean peas! Who's allergic to peas?! Well, my little guy is. He turned bright red, hives all over and vomited, a lot. I was so freaked out. I called my Aunt (a pediatric nurse) who told me to give him Benadryl, keep an eye on him and if he started having breathing issues, call 911.

My sweet baby. What was happening?!  We went to the pediatrician.  He said it could have been a fluke thing. I trusted him and tried other foods. He was fine until we tried Hawaiian Delight. Same freakin' reaction as the peas. We went back to the doctor, who again said if he has food allergies he will grow out of them.  No need to take him to a specialist. 

I followed my gut and immediately took him to an allergist. BEST decision I ever made. We had him take blood tests for many things and he was allergic to ALL of them. One being ALL nuts! So scary! Moral to this story, follow your gut.  Be your child's advocate. We have Epi Pens with us at all times because some of the reactions could mean life or death.

We follow a strict reaction plan. Even our little sweet girl Ellie is very protective of her brother and always asks before feeding him "is he allergic to this mommy?" Bless her. We are all very aware of his allergies. We try to make his life as normal as possible. I have to admit I break down about this often because there are so many things he can't participate in, like birthday parties and cupcakes. He's allergic to all dairy and eggs so we bring 'safe treats'.  

So, mama, if you're dealing with the same thing with one of your babies, know that you're not alone.

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